Friday, July 3, 2009

Thing 6. Feed your Reader

Sharing items or articles of common interest is great. This really changes the way we navigate on the internet. I found this very interesting article called New Reading. New Writing. which talks about how e-books will change the way we read. I will say, not only e-books, but any electronic reading material. We can stay in touch, get notified when something has been added or shared on our favorite blogs or websites, bookmark, highlight, etc.

This article also talks about this bookmarking tool called Diigo, which I found very interesting, watch the demo video if you can. This program allows you to bookmark, highlight, share or annotate. Just like if you were reading a real book!

This and other programs are powerful tools that make it easier to handle the huge amount of information available on the web. And as we add blogs to our Reader, we sure can take advantage of this tools to make it easier to find and share information.

1 comment:

  1. I look forward to using my reader in more ways. I have it set up for more professional updates than any other thing right now. I plan to experiment with some other interests, probably travel being one :-)
    I think I heard someone else mention that there are other bookmarking tools besides the popular delicious. I'll take a look at Diigo to compare features.