Monday, June 29, 2009

Thing 5. Getting started with RSS

It was very interesting reading the postings from the Students 2.0 blog, the one that caught my attention, was Don't Save the World . I thought it was a very honest point of view from a high school student, who writes about her opinion about some students who get involved on humanitarian causes overseas, not because they want to help, but because that will give them points on their application for College. She thinks that students should do what they are really interested in and not what will look good on their Resume.

I agree on the fact that we should do what we really like to do, because that is what is going to make us happy. One should still focus on what your goal in long term is, and always be honest with what you really are. That is called integrity.


  1. Hopefully the rewards and experiences give the students so much even if their original reasons were only for credit.

  2. It is healthy to encourage students to be honest in their writings. Sometimes they discover they are really just expressing their frustrations. After they vent, they are free to look objectively about their feelings about a subject. Maybe she would like to be helpful but feels suffocated by the pressure of expectations. Students need to feel like someone cares to listen.