Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thing 1. Reflections on life long learning.

Which habit(s) may be most challenging for you to employ as part of your Learning 2.0 experience?
Accepting responsability for my own learning will be the most challenging habit, because we are used to rely on the teacher, to be receivers, not to take action and research, create. Also, viewing problems as challenges. That is an attitude in life, and it is a habit that you have to develop, putting you fear to new challenges aside, and becoming more open to new adventures.

Which habit(s) will be easiest, or are most resonant for you as a lifelong learner?
Probably, using technology to my advantage, because I am very used to gadgets and software, so, it requires constant knowledge updating, but it is kind of a habit for me.

Which habit do you think will be most important for you as you work through this course, and why?
Teach/Mentor others, because in order to teach others, you should master the skill you are trying to teach. It is true that you also learn and reinforce your knowledge while you teach, and that is probably the neat part. Sharing is also receiving.

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  1. Welcome aboard! I'm glad you're with us! I like what you said about "sharing is also receiving". How true!