Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thing 4

Blog writing is a way of sharing. Sharing anything from ideas, articles, thoughts, memories. And what is really special, is that it is alive. People can respond, add, discuss, link, etc.
Blog reading is different from other types of reading because it is not just linear, it is multi directional, and it lets you read other peoples opinion and express your own.

From the Blog postings that I read, this was specially interesting. Wandering Ink: with the article How to prevent another Leonardo Da Vinci. He cites the book "How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci", and gives 10 ways in which we can promote, or kill creative thinking. Here are my thoughts: We as teachers should be promoting creative thinkers, but having to prepare students to take standarized tests, brings a lot of preassure to teachers, students and administrators. You try to focus on the standards, and discourage any question or activitie that is taking you in a different direction. That is why, I think that in order to have creative thinking friendly environment, it takes a whole effort, from top to bottom.


  1. I love your comment that "...what is really special, is that it is alive". That is so true of blogs and the commenting keeps its heart beating! :-)

  2. I totally agree with you. Creative thinking is very important but sometimes we miss those teachable moments because we are so concern with following the structured lesson in order to prepare for standardized test.