Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thing 17. Intro to Podcasting

I previewed the NPR (National Public Radio) Podcast, because I have a personal inclination to Classical Music and Art, and so I spent some time looking for podcasts related to those topics, and I found some really interesting ones.

I also explored the Math Factor Podcast, which is a great website with a huge collection of Math related podcasts and collaborations from their followers. I actually put it on my Reader, because I thought it had some very challenging Math Word Problems that could be very helpful in my classroom.

I had already worked with Audacity doing a Read Aloud project for my class which I am planning on using next year. I also thought about working on an audio Newsletter as a Podcast for those students and parents who have a computer and internet at home, as another way to reach them and stay in touch. The students could participate with their voices on creating more Read Alouds of their favorite books.

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