Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thing 18. You too can YouTube

I discovered this great video in YouTube about multiplication tables, created by MisterNumbers, explores how to teach multiplication using number patterns, really easy and fun. Teaching kids the multiplication concept is relatively easy, but having them actually recall the multiplication tables can be a challenge, specially for those kids who struggle with Math.

This is a great way to teach them, without having to go through hours of memorization!

TeacherTube is another wonderful tool for teachers and students! It is amazing discovering all the work that somebody else has already done for teaching the same things that you are trying to teach. And it is great that we can all share this resources.

In 3rd grade we teach a unit in Science about Crayfish, and I found this great video made by LBrandon called I am a Crayfish:

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  1. The multiplicaton video was very interesting. I'm not sure If I would be more confused or have total understanding if I were a student beginning to learn.